Anauli Enterprises making Incense Sticks with Good Quality.

Qty " 250 Grms, Full BIZpaye , Courier charges extra as actual in cash.
Available in four flavours Mogra, Jasmine , Kevda, Chandan.
Mogra 250 grm (Trs 90)
Jasmin 250 Grm-(Trs 90)
Kewda 250 grm -(Trs 100)
Chandan 250 grm ( Trs 100)
Special Offer : 25 Grm Color Incense Sticks Free on booking any 4 Pkts of 250Grm)
To place an order , please contact Mr. Girish Madan or drop your mail at jyoti.kamath@bizpaye.com